Welcoming Committee

Welcoming Committee –

God gives gifts or charisms to each one of us to give to others, to build up the kingdom of God. The welcome committee have the skills to make their ministry effective and build up the body of Christ.  In Christ, you have received God's unconditional love, and, in Christ, you are called to extend that same unconditional love to others. The ministry of welcoming others is perhaps the first exposure people have to our parish and perhaps the most crucial in the church because it is one of the most visible. It is a ministry vital to the saving work of the Church.  First impressions are often lasting impressions. Members of this welcoming of this ministry reflects not only response to your Baptismal call to serve the people of God, but a commitment to Christ as you share in the welcoming, teaching, and leading aspects of the church. You offer hospitality! Your willingness to commit to a schedule, to prepare properly for your service, and to arrive on time dressed appropriately for your assigned Mass further reflects that commitment.  Training will be provided as you become a representative of a welcoming gracious, God! 


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