Stephen Ministry

Are you one of those people who others just seem to like to talk to, to just tell everything that is going on with their life to?  Well guess what, that is a gift, the Spiritual gift of Encouragement (Romans 12:8) to be exact.  The gift of encouragement is the ability to inspire, comfort, motivate, strengthen, affirm and be present with others so that they can meet life’s challenges with confidence.  So, what are you going to do with your gift?  Why not use it to give back to the church and to the Holy Spirit who gave it to you in the first place?  I can help you with that by training you how to develop and hone your gifts as a caring Stephen Minister.  After 50 hours of training, you will not only be confidently using your gifts as a representative of our Church and Jesus to help others, but I can guarantee you that you will get back more that you could ever possibly give.  Learn more about the global caring ministry at https://www.stephenministries.org/ , or call Dan Taylor (402) 707-4581, George Lamperti (402) 871-6288, or Vicki Edwards (402) 707-5765.