Religious Education

Religious Education –

At St. Matthew's parish, we are offering Family-Based catechesis (FBC) in lieu of the traditional Wednesday night RE/“CCD” program.  Although FBC will be the primary means of catechesis for the traditional Wednesday night RE program, all youth and adult parishioners are encouraged to participate in FBC.  It is an opportunity to get to better know and understand our Catholic faith as well as provide opportunities for faith-sharing as families and as a community.

There are three primary components to FBC—Wednesday night catechesis, home-based family “lessons,” and Community Events.  The nine monthly, September through May, Wednesday night catechesis sessions occur on the St. Matthew’s campus.  It’s important to note, there are not weekly Wednesday night RE/CCD sessions as there has been in the past.  Unless the youth is preparing to celebrate a sacrament that year (more on that below), there is only one Wednesday night meeting per month. The parents/adults will meet in the main worship area while the youth will simultaneously meet with grade-specific catechists in the school’s classrooms.  Based on this Wednesday night instruction, families are sent forth with FBC “lessons” that give the families the opportunity to pray, do activities, and have discussions on the subject material from the Wednesday night session.  Families can do these activities at the times and place that is convenient for their family’s schedule.  The third part of FBC, Community Events, will occur throughout the year.  As the name implies, the intent is for families to have the opportunity participate in community events in the parish that is fun and based on Catholic teaching.

Contact: Parish Office 402-292-7418 or Deacon Mark White [email protected]