Music Ministry

The Music Ministries of St. Matthew Parish Catholic Community is an important part of the Eucharistic Celebration. Many volunteers share of their time and talent to prepare, lead, and enhance the liturgical celebrations of our community. Outside of the normal weekend Mass (current schedule: 5 PM on Saturday, 9 AM and 11 AM on Sundays), pastoral musicians are also involved in Holy Day Masses, Weddings, and Funerals.  We recognize that the beauty of our celebrations is enhanced in song and want to use our gifts and talents to give praise to God our Father, each in our own measure.  Our main function is to lead the congregation in prayer.  We promise to be faithful to practice and prayer, so that we may prayerfully execute each song.  We do not see our roles as one of performers; but instead we stimulate, reinforce, and sustain the congregation's singing and participation.  We invite all vocal and instrumental musicians to become part of this important ministry as “To sing is to pray twice” and have a rewarding way to share ones musical gifts while participating in the liturgy.  


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