Minutemen Program

The Minutemen Program was first established back in the early days of the Saint Matthew Parish. Over the years, much work was accomplished to attempt to keep the facilities of the parish functioning. The members of the Minutemen are men and women of our parish who have unselfishly provided time, talent and treasurer to the parish.

Not only day to day maintenance has been accomplished saving the parish thousands of dollars but, large projects have been completed over the years. Some of the significant jobs provided include building the Fry Hut which is still being used today; replacing lighting in the school pods, eliminating safety issues, refurbishing altar furniture, platforms and altar stands just to name a few. Also, the Minutemen constructed an extension to the rectory that housed the parish administration staff and provided space for our parish to accept and to be blessed with a retired priest, in residence; Monsignor Tom Furlong, who so lovingly served our parish for many years.

Other projects accomplished over the years include the painting of the exterior of the current administration building, painting the interior and exterior of the classroom PODs and the extensive renovations and repairs to our parish pastor’s home which had severely deteriorated over the years.

Our objective is to put together a resource pool of talent and dedicated parish members who are available to assist in the maintenance and repair of our parish facilities. We need skilled talent (electrician, plumber, painters, carpenters, etc.) as well as those who can provide general labor which is always needed to accomplish any of the many work projects.

All Saint Matthew parishioners over 18 years of age are invited and most welcome to join our group. If interested or have questions please contact  Dick Lewis [email protected].