Gardener of God – Planters and Island Beautification

Gardener of God – Planters and Island Beautification

This ministry takes care of maintaining the planters and keeping the islands weed-free.  It is hoped that we will enhance the entryway to our church and bring prayerful moment to volunteers to appreciate God’s hand in nature.  With more people volunteering to help it allows only a week’s commitment at a time per month during the summer from May- October.  The ministry encourages a prayerful mini-retreat each time volunteers five their time to tending to God’s beautiful flowers.  It is a time to reflect on the beauty of His Hand in each flower and bring oneself closer to God in doing this.  The tasks include weeding, dead-heading spent blooms and watering all 6 planters.  Hoses and materials will be available. 


Teresa Metzger 402-292-8899 [email protected] or                                                                   

Barbara Melvin 402-292-1319