2017 Memorials

April-June 2017


Mary Cupich

                         Paul & Beth Hamilton                        

 Bob & Julie Rosinski

         Rebecca Gleisberg & John Gilmore      

  Larry & Terry Rech

                               Pat & Cindy Brennan                              

Helga Twyford & Family

                        Ed & Linda Janeczko                          

Pat & Linda Roblewsky

                        Dennis & Norma Kathman                    

 Chuck & Nancy Veys

                       Dave & Annette Linbrunner                      



Charlie Baxley

Mary Kirkpatrick

Bob & Rose Gleisberg


Joseph Rigatuso

Roberta Mullen



Diozinda Pereira

Phillis Bisping


Patricia Bantner

Jay & Debra Herink


Dave O’Kane

Mike & Jane Lukasina

Gary & Debra Budden



Dave O’Kane

Mike & Jane Lukasina

Gary & Debra Budden

Linda & Curt Leigh

Daryl Beckmann

J.A. VanCleve

Mary Ellen Greiner

James & Kathleen Moragues

LTC James & Elizabeth Shea

Mark & Ruth McCoy

Jeff & Kim Theobald

Gary & Barbara Kain

Patsy Porter

Richard & Jolene Porter


Joseph Rigatuso

Darleen Veylupek


 Patricia Bantner

Jay & Debra Herink

Rita Murray

Jeanette Osterloh

Joan Gratz

Bill & Jennie Nazaruk

Julie Springer

Dale Uher

Marjorie Gillen

B.L. & Joann King

Robert Mullen

John & Kathy Welbes


Rich & Mary Lomax

Thomas & Cindy McMahon

Krohn & K. Lanphier

Ronald & Karen Baker

Mary Kirkpatrick




2016 Memorials



In Loving Memory of:

Terrell & Nancy Lyle


 Bob & Rose Gleisburg 

Jim & Mary Kirkpatrick

Rich & Mary Lomax

Don Leiber


Nancy Leiber & Family

Larry Wittkop


Nancy Leiber

Rich & Mary Lomax

Gerald Becker 


Aaron Becker

Knights of Columbus

Joyce O'Toole 


Rich & Mary Lomax


In Honor of:

Jim & Mary Kirkpatrick 50th Anniversary from Rich & Mary Lomax

Jennie Nazaruk from Andrea Tomlinson


(July- September)

In Loving Memory of:

Anna Lukasina from Bob & Rose Gleisburg

Bill Reed from Mary & Charles Alday


In Honor of:

Fr. Ron Wasikowski's Farewell from Dennis & Patsy Hart

Mike and Jean Hichborn's 50th Anniversary



In Loving Memory of:

Theresa Clark from Tom & Mary Petersen

Marcie Wisnieski from Janet Mlnarik

Anna Lukasina from Dave & Annette Linbrunner

 Janet Hall 


Hall Family Funnel Trust

Tom & Mary Petersen

Ran & Leticia Nielsen

Jim & Susan Tracy

Mike & Jane Lukasina

Dave & Annette Linbrunner

Scott & Lori Sevick

Vernon & Martha Zink

Russ & Edna Rolfzen

Michael & Alisa James

Blaise & Carla Martinick

Ted & Trish Wallinger

Joseph & Bonnie Fowler

Michela Pranio-Maitland

Ralph & Elizabeth Agar

Ronald & Sharon Strawn

Chris Taylor

Dennis & Patsy Hart

Al Pollack

Charles & Andrea Tomlinson

Jim & Kathy McCoy

Pat & Cindy Brennan


Dennis & Norma Kathman

Dennis & Kathy Hynes

Ed & Linda Janeczko

Nancy Leiber

Dick Harrington

Ron Hall

Teresa Bader

Patricia Hall

Amy Huck

Robert & Muriel Lamp

Ronald & Connie Latimer

Dennis Lyall

Joyce Osborn

Dan & Angie Lohaus

Richard Garrigan & Associates


In Honor of:

Amelia Mlnarik ~ First Communion from Janet Mlnarik

J.T. Mlnarik ~ 10th Birthday from Janet Mlnarik




In Loving Memory of:

       Ted Heinen from Rich & Mary Lomax        

Evelyn Hichborn from Mike & Jean Hichborn

 Linda Preston from James & Mary Kirkpatrick, WWG, Mary Lomax

Katherine Klein from James & Mary Kirkpatrick, WWG

Nancy Becker from Jerry Becker 

We sincerely apologize if we have omitted your memorial gift.  To add your memorial to our listing, contact the Parish Office by clicking here .


Remember Honor Celebrate


St. Matthew Parish welcomes financial gifts as memorials for deceased relatives and friends, or to honor/celebrate loved ones' Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Baptisms, First Communions, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any Special Occasion. The gifts will be applied to the building fund for debt reduction, unless designated otherwise. A quarterly listing, of the loved one's name along with the remembrance of the occasion, and donor, will be placed in the Bulletin and Parish website. The Parish Memorial Committee will send notification, as applicable, to the family or loved one of the gift given in their behalf.

General Fund
This fund provides for important infrastructure and pays for on-going expenses for the parish.

Building Fund
This fund is applied toward the Building Fund Debt-Reduction / New Building.  Memorial gifts that are not designated for a specific purpose will be assigned to the Building Fund.

St. Matthew Catholic School provides a unique and Christ-based education. Such a high quality education does not come easily, and your gift to the institution will be used to augment the revenue of the school for salaries, supplies, improvements, and other expenses.

Gift giving forms are available in the Commons or by contacting the Parish Office by clicking here .